Our Work

High Country Cooperation strives to positively impact the economic lives of those in our community through Community Outreach, Direct Assistance, and by Building Relationships.

Community Outreach
We provide community outreach through our various communications efforts, as well as through special educational events and workshops, focused on local schools, and other local community groups such as churches, clubs, companies, and other civic organizations. Learn more about our community outreach efforts…
Cooperative Advisory Services

If you are interested in the possibility of starting a cooperative, HCC can meet with you to talk over your idea and help you with first steps. Learn more and book a co-op consultation.

Building Relationships

People have always worked together to get things done in our community. HCC builds on that legacy of cooperation not only by building relationships with others working on similar projects, but also between people who have good reason to work with each other even if we are not involved. Learn more about how HCC is working to build relationships in the high country.