Cooperation: a Mountain Tradition

People in the mountains have always worked together to get things done and help each other out. HCC builds on this tradition.

HCC Receives Donation

Former Boon Town Council member Allan Scherlen donated his retired campaign fund to High Country Cooperation in April, 2015.

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Celebrating 40 Years

Cooperative Hands Gallery celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations!

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Cooperatives in Our History

Today’s Appalcart began as a cooperative, the Green Eagle Rural Transportation Cooperative.

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Strengthening Our Local Economy Through Cooperatives. High Country Cooperation believes in:

  • A fair economy based on cooperative principles.
  • Local jobs that serve the needs of local people.
  • Working together for stronger communities.
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We work toward these goals through:

Cooperatives are great:

You Build Them

You Control Them

You Benefit from Them


You Own Them

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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